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Four reasons to soundproof your car
Four reasons to soundproof your car
Alexey   |    15.09.2017  News

Many times, when I hear the conversation about soundproofing the car, I hear the same things – “I’m not concerned with sound system anyway, why bother?” or “Soundproofing? How would that my life better?” and so on.

Lets dig in and see what are the benefits of soundproofing the car.

1) Noise & Health
Reducing the noise in the car affects you and your well being in a huge way, just have a look at the following scientifically proven facts:

2011 World Health Organization report “Burden of disease of environmental noise in Europe” they have outlined a number of health issues arising in citizens being exposed to traffic noise:

  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Cognitive impairment in children;
  • Long-term annoyance.

In another paper, “Transport, environment and health” by the World Health Organization they have stated:

“Good evidence shows the adverse effects of (traffic) noise on communication, school performance, sleep and temper, as well as cardiovascular effects and hearing impairment.”

I can continue listing out the vast amount of information for many pages, but take a moment and think about it yourself – you’re as close as possible to all the traffic noise while driving or being driven in a car, not just yourself, but the close ones or your children.

2) Audio

Traditionally, if you want to hear the music clearly in the car, especially on higher speeds you crank up the volume. No matter how high you crank up the volume some of the sounds will still be overcome by noise. Do you remember all those times when you had to raise your voice talking to the someone sitting next to you? Lowering the level of noise removes the necessity to increase the volume of those things you want to hear.

3) Heat

A number of materials, especially the ones we chose to use in the doors and roof provide for a very solid heat block, what that means is that your car’s interior will not heat up as much during the hot summer or freeze as much during the cold winter. It will also allow the air-conditioner to bring the temperature to the desired level and take less effort to maintain it, consuming less energy

4) Safety

All vibration materials and especially the dynamic vibration materials add to the strength of the car frame, enabling it to withstand stronger impacts. Additionally, lower noise reduces the fatigue during longer drives, increasing the awareness levels of the driver making him less prone to making fatal errors


Lastly, I would like to mention that even the higher end cars such as BMW, Mercedes and so on do not come with good enough default soundproofing. Based on personal experience – driving a Mercedes C200, after doing the soundproofing installation the noise levels were literally halved!

Considering whether you should make the investment and do the soundproofing for your car – consider this: how much would the installation cost vs how much would you have to spend if you were affected by any of the above mentioned health issues, worse – if any of those issues affected your children?