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Soundproofing installation. Enjoy the silence
Soundproofing installation. Enjoy the silence
Alexey   |    11.09.2017  News

It is quite frustrating when your new car begins to rattle or tapping in the cabin, and the noise of the city is simply intolerable. The trip without external irritants is much more pleasant when it is possible to concentrate completely on the road or enjoy your favorite music.

The soundproofing of a car will help not only to minimize penetration of sounds, but also will support a condition of a body in an excellent state for long time. After soundproofing metal installing, which is under the skin and generally has no access without a serious intervention, almost not subject to corrosion. It is also used for insulation, and improves the strength of the body from the blows.

To establish the car soundproofing it is worth addressing to the professionals at service stations.

The first phase of the installation is to dismantle the roof (ceiling) and other parts of interior trim. This should be done very carefully so as not to spoil anything and did not damage the paint!!! Remove the ceiling and existing worthless soundproofing. Filming should be carefully without forcing or chisels with a hammer.

The second stage is a preparation of a surface where we will paste a soundproofing. The surface should be degreased a certain solvent or degreaser. Finally, we go to the last step – installation of soundproofing materials. First layers is Vibration Damper.

Right at the end we put all covering into place.

After this simple procedure, you can be sure that the body in the place of installation of soundproofing will not corrode. Do not forget that the source of the noise can also serve as attachments mirror, spoilers, and antennas. This applies to all attachments. But, of course, insulation cars – It’s a useful and necessary procedure. The ride will bring joy and pleasure. But if the soundproofing is used with thermal insulating properties, the heat loss in the winter and cool in summer, pumping, air-conditioned, will be almost imperceptible.