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TOP–5 unique additional properties after installation of soundproofing
TOP–5 unique additional properties after installation of soundproofing
Alexey   |    14.09.2017  News

Professionals on installation of the soundproofing materials know that the soundproofing, except the effective solution of problems with extraneous noises and negative vibrations, have a set of additional properties.

First – it is corrosion protection

At installation of materials possibility of emergence of moisture in the closed parts of a body is eliminated. Provided processing a continuous layer of metal material prevents contact with moisture. The moisture does not condense and the car is being protected from stagnant water and rust.

Second – is a hardening of a body

Due to the high adhesion material, or in other words, the tight adhesion, materials strengthens the body, making it harder, causing the car becomes more manageable and better corner entry.

Third – is an elimination of scratches.

Besides, not only because of the strengthening of the body, but also the use of soft materials at full noise insulation (used Biplast, Bitoplast, Madeleine) gives  an effect of “interior renovation” of the car. Plastic inside the car stops squeaking, it becomes stronger and not shaken. Chatter disappears, creaking, and of course, unnecessary noise, disturbing the sound of music in the car, and the normal driving.

The fourth option which the noise isolation gives is thermal insulation.

In the cold season the car will warm up much faster, due to the fact that the body does not freeze, and on warm days the coolness of the air conditioner is not produced, which is why there is no need to use the air conditioning on full. Assistant in the plan will serve as a thermal insulation material.

The fifth additional function is an increase of cost of a car at resale.

Salesman showing man a car

Thanks to existence of a soundproofing, the car not only has a clear «sell» advantage, but newfound strength and durability of the body, as well as by increased noise insulation lifetime of cars gives the chance to sell the advanced car much more expensively.

To appreciate all additional functions of a soundproofing, it is necessary to adhere to indestructible rules of installation and to remember:

– the full effect is always a full soundproofing of salon

– the surface for processing should be degreased

– vibration-absorbing materials should be rolled carefully the roller, “expelling” air bubbles.

– soundproofing  sheet materials are intended for installation in salon.
For external processing (arches, sills, vehicle floor) there are unique mastic NoiseLiqidator, which greatly enhance these parts of the body, protect the external elements of a car from rust, destruction, and interior noise.

As a result, several additional features and benefits offered by the installation of soundproofing  make the car really improved and virtually new.
Or rather, how it should be: durable, stainless steel, preserving the desired temperature in the cabin and giving the thrill of driving. Therefore, insulation of soundprofing – is the elimination of spurious and unwanted noise and vibration, improving the sound quality, but also has many unique features that make your car a class above any cars.